Published book

English and Vietnamese:

“I’m learning the best of both worlds”

The book, entitled: “Anh-Việt đề huề: Tôi học tiếng nước tôi”
(English and Vietnamese: I’m learning the best of both worlds)
consists of two  parts:
Part I: “Anh Ngữ học mà vui” (Learning English can be fun!):  30 lessons,
Part II: “Tiếng Anh tiếng Em” (Let’s Learn English and Vietnamese!): 10 lessons.
To overseas Vietnamese, “tiếng nước tôi” (the best of both worlds)  can be understood as
both their mother tongue, which is Vietnamese,
and the language of their adopted country, which is English.

Book can be ordered via email:
Price: AUD $30.00

Book launched 24 July 2010

at Whitlam Library, Railway Pde, Cabramatta, NSW 2166, Australia